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We offer all types of membership plans to suit everyone. 

  • Adult Membership 18-64 years old
  • Senior Membership 65+
  • Junior Membership
  • Non Fishing Membership for partners
Our Membership Plans
Please note all new memberships have a one off £30 joining fee
Adult Membership

18-64 years 

From £95

Membership Closed
Senior Citizen

65+ years

From £60
Membership Closed

12-17 years

From £35
Membership Closed
Junior Under 12

Under 12 year

From £15
Membership Closed

Members to observe and comply with the following:
a. That no game or farm animals are to be disturbed.
b. All gates are shut.
c. That no damage is done to crops or fences.
d. Members must walk on the edge of the bank and not across crops or grass.

e. No cans or tins of any kind to be taken to any venue. Any mem- ber found to have left litter will be expelled from the Society.

f. Any person entering a swim to fish must clear all litter in the immedi- ate area before commencing to fish. Any person fishing a swim con- taining litter shall be held responsible for it. Any member found leav- ing litter on any part of the Society’s waters might be liable to forfeit their membership pending a hearing by the committee.

g. No dogs or firearms are allowed on the Society’s waters. Unless on official Society pest control operations.

h. All vehicles to be parked in authorised places only.
i. All musical instruments and portable radios are prohibited.
j. Fish retained in keepnets must comply with the keepnet code.
k. All coarse fish to be returned to the Society’s waters.
l. No terminal tackle to be left unattended in the water.
m. Maximum of two rods can be used at one time.
n. One rod only for live baiting.
o. Live bait transferral banned. No fish over 4” to be used for live bait. p. Bloodworm and joker banned on all waters.
q. The use of Vitalin is banned on all waters.
r. The use of Baitboats are ALLOWED on Nursery Fields and Chittenden


  1. Competitors must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the stated start time for draw. Details as Fixture list
  2. Competitors must give their names to the match secretary at the draw.
  3. Entry Fees Seniors £5.00 Juniors £2.00
  4. Competitors will walk off in numerical order; no competitor may beovertaken until the person in front has chosen a swim.
  5. Whistle to start and finish matches.
  6. On rover matches no competitor may move from their initial chosenswim until after 10 ‘o’ clock and continue to compete in the match.
  7. A maximum of two rods are permitted with one hook per rod. Except Chittenden and Nursery Fields which are one rod/one hook onlyvenues.
  8. A competitor leaving their swim must remove tackle from the water.
  9. All fish must be retained in keepnets for weighing. General Rule 4j
  10. All fish to be landed unaided except for juniors and the disabled.
  11. Pike barred.
  12. Scales will be brought to the fish.
  13. Improper fish handling when returning fish may result in disqualification.
  14. No junior under 14 shall be allowed to fish a night match unless accompanied by a senior member who shall be responsible.
  15. Carp to be kept separate from other species on matches at Chittenden and Nursery Fields.
  16. A maximum of 50lb in any one net at Chittenden and Nursery Fields blatant over filling of any one net and the competitor may be disqualified.
  17. Unhooking mats to be used by competitors at Chittenden and Nursery Fields
  18. Competitors must fish 4 out of 5 of the 5 match series to qualify.
  19. Adverse weather may affect matches competitors should still arrive at the designated meeting time and place pending an inspection.
  20. The Match Secretary’s decision is final in all disputes.
Membership Closed
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