River Eden At Penshurst



River Eden At Penshurst

The river Eden at Penshurst
The Eden at Penshurst is privately owned by the club and comprises 1 mile of typical small river fishing, with fast gravel runs in the lower and higher end and steady deeper glides and pools in the middle section. Lots of cover in the form of lily pads and bullrushes in the summer and over hanging trees and bushes allow the stock plenty of places to hide and the angler to target, this abundance of cover and vast amounts of natural food for the stock can make fishing challenging but rewarding.The banks, unlike other sections of the Eden are quite low and a number of fishing plalorms have been installed in the first field which make it a great river venue for the less mobile member.Approach and tactics. The venue is ideally suited to a mobile approach, but a pleasant day can be had in the summer fishing statically with smaller baits to keep bites coming. Moving around and presenting baits carefully to cover is key to success, particularly in the winter.Large amounts of bait have generally been successful in only a racing the resident crayfish, a small sample of your chosen bait shortly before fishing generally interest. Travel as light as possible to encourage mobility, as with most of the Eden if they are there you will catch within 30 minutes, quite o)en within 5 minutes.SpeciesChub are the main species present with the average size around 3lb with a few individuals around the 5lb mark.Barbel are present and the population is growing rapidly with members over the past two seasons consistently reporting captures of small barbel and different year class’s from 2 oz up to 10lb.Carp are present but in very small numbers but do run to 20lb and would reward a dedicated approach. Pike are quite numerous and can brighten a quiet day, they have been reported to mid doubles but rarely get targeted.Dace, roach, perch and bream make up the other main species
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