Renew Membership


To apply, please read all of the below instructions

Renewals must be received by 1″ May to ensure you receive your new Clubcard by the start of the season and to avoid a joining fee payment.

  •   Membership Clubcards will NOT be despatched until mid May.
  •   Please check with your bank that your cheque has been cashed before you contact the Membership Secretary re non receipt of Clubcards.

Cheques/Postal Orders must be made payable to. Edenbridge Angling Society. (no abbreviations)

Please send TWO photographs with your application forms.
Clubcards for the new Season will NOT be dispatched until 2nd week of May.

Duplicate clubcards to replace lost ones will be supplied at a fee of £5 to cover administration fees.

Ensure you enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope (minimum C5 size) for return of Clubcard with your application.

Click on the below link to download your Application Form


Renewal Form

To avoid postal surcharge payment or delay please ensure you put sufficient postage on the return s.a.e. Please refer to guide below.

One first or second class stamp is sufficient for one clubcard in a C5 envelope.
Larger envelopes or more than one clubcard in a C5 envelope are classed as  Large Letters and therefore attract a higher postage rate

When you apply for your membership remember to apply the correct postage on  the return envelope, it works out basically 1 large first class stamp for  every book you require every year we get multiples of mail with charges  on, if you are applying for more than one book please remember this.   Also can you make sure that the return envelope is C5 large enough to  accommodate the membership book.