Guest Permit

Guest Permits

Guest permits are available for
Chittenden Lake, Nursery Fields, Penshurst, East Haxted

Bodiam and Wittersham.

Fee £10.00 per permit. No Tickets issues until 1st of July

Guest Permits are issued by.
Mr P. James.

Biggin Hill Angling,
218 Main Road,
Biggin Hill. TN16 3BD Telephone 01959 570265

The following conditions apply.

Members must accompany their guests at all times.
Members will be held responsible for their guests’ actions conduct and safety at all times.
Members must provide the name and address of their guests.
If applying by post please allow 7 days for return of ticket and include a S.A.E. and state the venue and date required.
No permits will be issued on a venue holding a competition.
Maximum of 6 permits per member per season. A maximum of 6 permits can be issued on any one water for any one day.